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Delifood is an agribusiness company that strives to bring you the best products of the countryside and the city, processed under strict quality standards.

From seed to finished product, our products meet quality standards, in addition, we have various certifications, including KOSHER certification,  in order to ensure  our products are of the quality that the customer deserves.

As we have the ''New Mexico Certified Chili'' accreditation.


We have a large range of products including oregano and chili in their different presentations.

We have adequate staff and equipment. Our staff is highly trained in order to achieve the objectives within our company.


Our mission is to be the leading company in export and supply within reach throughout the U.S., as well as providing our customers the best quality product on the market, the best delivery time and competitive price.

Our Philosophy

In DELIFOOD we strive day by day to bring you the best field products processed under the most stringent quality standars.

On-Site Quality Assurance Laboratory

Our on-site Quality Assurance lab goes beyond the typical procedures at other facilities, we focus on:

  • Microbiology and Pathogens.

  • Monitor consistency in quality, color, flavor and texture.

  • Heat Units in our chiles by HPLC method.

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